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Research, Development, Innovation.

Exploring the full potential of Internet-of-Things lighting technology in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

What are we doing?

Providing Internet-of-Things Lighting Solutions.

We are exploring the full potential of Internet-of-Things (IoT) lighting technology through uses in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Our system is powerfully scalable, easily controllable, and can now be fully automated to fit your needs. We are producing efficient LED lighting systems to provide you with better energy management for your next project.

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Why choose an IoT lighting system?

Benefits of Amptek Technologies' IoT lighting system.

Reduce heat, reduce power, reduce cost.

Light dimming control provides many benefits, including prolonging the life of each LED light unit, creating a comfortable ambiently lit environment reducing eye strain, and lowering power consumption and heat generated from the lights. Reduction in these properties effectively lowers your electricity bill.

No network is too large.

The iCon's 150 foot Bluetooth range and BLE Dimmer's 50 foot Bluetooth range means that your network can be easily configured to endlessly expand and fit your needs – no connective wires or hardware required. A proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy network protocol ensures each zone operates securely and independently.

Automate your system.

Equip your system with a network of iCon Sensors to enable the automatic adjustment of your LED luminaires based on real-time activity in your building. The iCon Sensor is embedded with an Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic to detect motion. The Photocell sensor detects different levels of ambient light to ensure that your lights only power your building when needed.

Control in the palm of your hands.

Pair your network with our iConDimmer mobile app to maximize the control and capabilities of your network. Turn devices on and off, schedule light activity, adjust your zones, and much more on our app, available on the App Store and Google Play. You can remotely access your iCon through the app – anywhere, anytime.

amptek technologies iot custom lighting system led ble dimmer

Pair a Bluetooth Low Energy Dimmer with each of your LED light units to adjust light intensity, schedule light activity, and enable sensor automation.

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Amptek's iCon Sensor is embedded with three different sensors: The Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic sensor detect motion, while the Optosensor can detect various levels of ambient light.

One-Stop Engineering Service.

18 Years of Custom Engineering Expertise.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in system architecture, component selection, schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, firmware development, prototype assembly, and mass production. We are well connected with both local and overseas printed circuit board manufacturers, assembling facilities, and certification laboratories. This allows us to provide a true one-stop professional design and sub-contract service.

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We want to help you on your next project.

With our expertise and experience, we are eager to be part of your next project! Contact us today to get started.


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