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Create. Adjust. Control.

Presenting Amptek's iCon and BLE Dimmer.

Create the network.
Adjust the intensity.
Control the timing.

Our system allows you to divide your space by creating individual zones within your light network through our mobile app.
Each zone can be controlled in such a way that allows
our system to provide you with better energy management in industrial, commercial, and residential environments.


A multipurpose IoT hub that can be used to connect all your BLE Dimmers to your network by communicating through Bluetooth. Using this hub allows you to customize your own LED lighting network by creating an iCon & Dimmer configuration to fit your needs.  Connect your iCon with the mobile app to take full control over your lighting network.  Only one iCon is required to manage the entire LED lighting network.

Learn more about the iCon >

BLE Dimmer

A Bluetooth Low Energy, 0-10V dimmer for your LED lights.  Each LED light unit is paired with one dimmable LED driver that is controlled by one BLE Dimmer.  The Dimmer can adjust the brightness of its respective light, as well as power the light on and off. The Dimmer acts upon Bluetooth messages received from the iCon, and can relay those messages to surrounding Dimmers.

Amptek currently does not offer LED drivers. There are a large number of 0-10V dimmable LED drivers available on the market. However, not all drivers have a “dim-to-off” capability. For drivers that do not support “dim-to-off” capabilities, the LED will remain dimmed at about 5-10% when the dimmer control voltage is at its minimum. Users must flip the power switch off in order to completely turn off the light. However, for this LED drivers that do support “dim-to-off”, the LED light will be turned completely off whenever the dimmer control voltage is below 1VDC (in most cases).

How it works.

Our system.

Amptek’s IoT light dimming system consists of one iCon and one Bluetooth Low Energy Dimmer for each LED light. 

The iCon.

The iCon is the centre of the system. It is a wireless control hub that handles all network management processes, scheduling, and dimmer communication. All commands performed on the mobile app by the user is wirelessly sent to the iCon, which then sends the messages to the correct BLE Dimmers. 

The Dimmer.

BLE Dimmers are each attached to an LED light unit. When a user creates a zone, they essentially group together multiple dimmers. Dimmers listen to messages from the iCon, change the dimming signal (0-10V), and propagate these messages to other BLE Dimmers within their respective zone.

Reduce power.
Reduce heat.
Reduce cost.

Light dimming control provides many benefits,
including prolonging the life of each LED light unit,
creating a comfortable ambiantly lit environment reducing eye strain,
and lowering power consumption and heat generated from the lights.
Reduction in these properties effectively lowers your electricity bill.

No network too large.

The iCon's 150 foot Bluetooth range and Dimmer's 50 foot Bluetooth range means that your network can endlessly expand to fit your needs – no connective wires or hardware required.
A proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy network protocol ensures each zone operates securely and independently.

Control in the palm of your hands.

Pair your network with the mobile app to maximize device capability.  Remotely access your iCon through the app – anywhere, anytime.

Divide your network into zones by grouping certain Dimmers together. Having a network of independent zones maximizes your capabilities by allowing you to adjust the brightness of lights and schedule light activity of certain zones without interfering with other lights. 

Adjust the brightness of zones to have different rooms or areas lit at different intensities.

Schedule the light activity to dictate when your lights from different zones can power on or off at varying intensities.  Scheduling alarms can be set to the minute and on certain days of the week. 

Watch our system in action.

▶ Zone Range Demo ▶ Zone Division Demo


Setting up a Zone

Zone Scheduling

Zone Brightness

Re-locate a Dimmer to a Different Zone

Factory Reset an Entire Lighting Network

Erase Settings Stored in iCon

Dimmer Specifications >

Hardware, firmware, and certification information of the Bluetooth Low Energy Dimmer.


Bluetooth V4.0
Universal 100-375VAC, 50/60Hz
0-10VDC, 20mA dimming output
18 AWG wires (Line, Neutral, DIM+, DIM-)
Dimensions – 100mm x 50mm x 25.5mm


Built-in BLE stack



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