BLE Dimmer

Presenting Amptek's IoT lighting solution:
The BLE Dimmer and iCon Sensor.

Create, adjust, control.

What is it?

Create the network. Adjust the intensity. Control the timing.

Our system allows you to divide your space by creating individual zones within your light network through our mobile app. Each zone can be controlled in such a way that allows our system to provide you with better energy management in industrial, commercial, and residential environments.

Our Solution.

A Bluetooth Low Energy 0-10V dimmer for your LED light units. Each LED light unit is paired with one dimmable LED driver that is controlled by one BLE Dimmer. The Dimmer can adjust the brightness of its respective light, as well as power the light on and off. The Dimmer acts upon Bluetooth messages received from the iCon, and can relay those messages to surrounding Dimmers.

Reduce heat, reduce power, reduce cost.

Light dimming control provides many benefits, including prolonging the life of each LED light unit, creating a comfortable ambiantly lit environment reducing eye strain, and lowering power consumption and heat generated from the lights. Reduction in these properties effectively lowers your electricity bill.

No network is too large.

The iCon's 150 foot Bluetooth range and Dimmer's 50 foot Bluetooth range means that your network can endlessly expand to fit your needs – no connective wires or hardware required.
A proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy network protocol ensures each zone operates securely and independently.

Control in the palm of your hands.

Pair your network with the mobile app to maximize device capability. Remotely access your iCon through the app – anywhere, anytime.

Automate your system.

Make it hands free.

Create a system of iCon Sensors to expand the innovative capability of your iCon network. Amptek’s iCon Sensor is embedded with three different sensors to expand its potential applications: The Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic sensor detect motion, while the photo cell can detect various magnitudes of ambient light. Each zone can hold multiple iCon Sensors to cover areas of any size. Integrating these sensors into your network ensures that your zones are only active when the space is being used, saving you energy and money.

Video Demos.

A glance at our system in motion.

The iCon-Dimmer solution allows you to easily create a scheduled configuration that is scaled to fit your needs.

Specifications for the Bluetooth Low Energy Dimmer

Bluetooth V4.2
Universal 100-375VAC, 50/60Hz
0-10VDC, 20mA dimming output
18 AWG wires (Line, Neutral, DIM+, DIM-)
Dimensions (LxWxH) – 100mm x 50mm x 25.5mm

Built-in BLE stack


Specifications for the iCon Sensor

Input: 100-375VAC 50/60Hz, 13A
Output: 100-375VAC, 13A Max, 4000VA Max.
Bluetooth Low Energy V4.2
Infrared motion sensor range: 360 degrees, 5.5 meter radius
Ultrasonic motion sensor range: 4 meters
Dimensions (LxWxH) – 122mm x 128mm x 36mm

IC: 5123A-BGM113
ETL: Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1.
Conforms to UL Std. 60950-1.


Links to the Bluetooth Low Energy Dimmer web version user manual, digital brochure, and general client resources.

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