May 24, 2017 – Amptek Technologies is pleased to have Delviro Energy as our customer and for selecting us as their trusted supplier of wireless Smart LED Light Dimming System.  

Delviro required a scalable wireless solution that allows them to create various zones of LED lighting within large installations. The system must permit them to schedule and to vary the intensity of each zone independently. These installations often include industrial premises with only 347V AC supply. Amptek Technologies iCon IoT platform and BLE Dimmer utilize a proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network protocol to achieve multiple layers of nodes. A mobile app is available to configure the network, to schedule and to dim the LED lights. Communications among devices are encrypted to ensure the network is secure.

One of the deployments of the Smart LED Light Dimming System is the Del Grow LED horticultural luminaries. For this application, three separated BLE Dimmers are installed in each set of grow light, thus allowing independent control of red, blue and white light for spectrum optimization. Green house operators are able to schedule their grow light with their mobile phones or tablets.

Other deployments such as indoor arenas are currently underway.  

About Amptek Technologies

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About Delviro Energy

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Delviro Energy is Canada’s leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and architectural LED lighting. Delviro Energy ranks as Canada’s 9th fastest growing manufacturer and 35th fastest growing company in September 2016 by the Canadian Business and the Profit 500. For more information about Delviro, please visit their website at and