BLE Dimmer

(Model #BLD100)
Bluetooth Low Energy LED dimmer with a 0-10V output suitable for controlling any dimmable LED drivers.

Benefits of a LED dimmer include prolonging the life span of the LED light, creating a comfortable ambiance to reduce eye strain, lowering power consumption, and generating less heat.

To learn more about the LED dimming system, please read Understanding Smart LED Dimming System.

For details on setting up a LED light network, please refer to the User Manual.

A new way of controlling your LED lightings

Connect directly to AC power and LED driver. For optimum performance, keep the distance between any two BLE Dimmers to within 50 meters.

A LED light network can consist of multiple zones.  The iCon forwards commands from the mobile app to nearby BLE Dimmers. Each dimmer then relays the commands to others in the same zone through a secure network protocol. For optimum performance, place the iCon no more than 50 meters  away from the first few BLE Dimmers.


Bluetooth V4.0
Universal 100-375Vac, 50/60Hz
0-10Vdc, 20mA dimming output
18 AWG wires (L/N, Dim+/-)
Dimensions 100 x 50 x 25.5mm


Built-in BLE stack